About Icon Publishing

Icon Publishing Ltd is headed by Steve Small and Bryn Williams, who have a great deal of experience within the world of both motor sport and publishing.

Steve was the Art Director of Autocourse and Motocourse for over 25 years and has also been involved with many other sports titles.

Bryn is a veteran of over 300 Formula One Grands Prix as a professional photographer and in 1996, founded the motorsport portal Crash.net.

Steve and Bryn have worked together on several projects in the past, and during 2009 they acquired the offline publishing interests of Crash Media Group. Therefore, Icon Publishing was formed and has gone from strength to strength maintaining and enhancing the reputation and high quality expected of such iconic annuals as Autocourse and Motocourse, as well as publishing a select number of quality titles from year to year.

The company has now embarked on an exciting phase of digitising its back catalogue, offering online access to them as well as making them available as eBooks on CD-R's and DVD. This will bring sought-after editions of Autocourse and Motocourse to a much wider audience, and with the help of the worldwide web and the exciting technology now available we look forward to sharing our content with both new and established customers from all corners of the globe.

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